Ready to Grow Your Private Practice?

Jena now offers two high-level, 12 month programs for SLPs with existing private practices who are looking for help to grow.

Six Figure Private

Six Figure Private Practice is a 12-month group coaching program for SLPs with existing practices who want to grow to the $100,000+ level.

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Scale Your Private
Practice Mastermind

Scale Your Private Practice is a 12-month Mastermind for SLPs who have multi-six figure private practices and are heading to the $1 million+ level.

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Short Courses Offered by The Independent Clinician*

*Courses are included free for participants in our high-level programs

Most Popular

Private Practice Clinic Forms

It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Get Your Lawyer-Reviewed, Customizable Private Practice Forms. Get immediate access to 30+ fully customizable, Word Format legal forms such as intake forms, evaluations, HIPAA forms, Fee Schedule, Physician Referral Forms, Superbill, Employment Contracts and more! Add your logo/info and print/post for your clients to fill out.


Social Media Marketing System

Finally, A Step-By-Step Method To Help You Get More Clients via Social Media Without Spending All Day Online

The **ONLY** Social Media Marketing Program Specifically for SLPs in Private Practice

  • Full Access to The Social Media Marketing System with Comprehensive Information about Instagram and Facebook
  • Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Social Media Marketing Specifically for SLPs in Private Practice
    Learn to Leverage Social Media Marketing as a Lucrative Referral Source Without the Worry and Hassle
  • Content Creation Plans so That You Know What to Say to Attract Ideal Clients and Crank Out Engaging Content Quickly
  • Learn How to Create a Consistent Brand to Make You Look Professional, Polished & Cohesive

School Contracts Simplified

Get Contracts with Private, Public, Charter Schools for Consistent Income with Shanell Latta

One of the best ways to grow your private practice is to obtain contracts with public and private schools. Whether you want to provide direct service or serve as a consultant, this is an excellent way to boost your income without increasing your overhead.


Hiring 101

How to Find and Hire Employees, Contractors, Assistants and More with Rebecca Ingram Rowe

You're SO busy... is it time to hire?  Rebecca Ingram Rowe provides a video walkthrough of her Hiring 101 packet covering Employees vs. Independent Contractors, an overview of the hiring process (including interview questions!), lists of benefits to offer and how to onboard. Includes Sample Contracts!


Insurance 101

Everything You Want to Know About Insurance But Don't Know How (Or What To Ask) with Ben Todys

Is insurance right for you and your practice? If so, let's delve into how to get credentialed and PAID as an insurance provider. Learn how to check benefits before working with clients and how to negotiate insurance rates.


Marketing to Doctors - Made Easy

Get Referrals from Doctors and Specialists (Without Being Pushy)

Follow the simple, 3-step process to establish, build and maintain relationships with physicians and specialists that will lead to referrals. You'll also get access to Scripts and plug and play Templates, so that you'll know what to say and what info to include in Referral Sheets and Rack Cards.


Private Practice Websites That Work

Create a Professional Website That Attracts Ideal Clients with Shanell Latta

These days you can create a fantastic website that doesn't take a ton of time or money. Learn principles of branding and design, search engine optimization and what to write on your website to attract ideal clients. Bonus: The Canva Crash Course (Cheap, DIY Graphics)


SEO Audit

Is Your Website Coming Up In Google? Get a 10 Page Custom SEO Audit

You're a Private Practitioner. Not a Computer Wizard. You can have the prettiest website in the world, but if you aren't using good search engine optimization (SEO) - clients and referral sources won't find you. Let Jena do an SEO Audit for you, complete with a customized task list of
"to do" items to fix your site!


Grow Your Private Practice with Paid Presentations

Get Paid to Grow Your Private Practice Through Presentations with Courtney Caruso

Have an idea for an inservice / training for your community and what to get PAID to give it? Let's talk about how to market your presentation and convey the value, how to determine your rate so that you're fairly compensated, ideas of topics and what to put on your website to gain traction as a presenter.


Small Business Accounting Basics

Learn Accounting Basics from a Private Practice Manager with Ben Todys

In this 90-minute presentation and Q and A session, Ben shares foundational information (as well as tips & tricks to make financial matters less scary!) Learn when to pay yourself, how to know if you can afford to hire, common tax deductions and daily/ weekly/ monthly tasks to stay financially organized.